Crystal Duo
Crystal Duo
Crystal Duo

Crystal Duo

$70.00 USD

Enhance your life: feel loved AND refreshed. Our hand-picked bags of crystals are perfect for at home or on the go. This kit contains:

  • Rose Quartz: The stone of all love- romantic, friendship, and self. Opens the heart chakra to facilitate love and healing.
  • Sodalite: Associated with the throat chakra, especially the truth. Enhances communication to facilitate relationships with both the self and others.
  • Rhodonite:
    The relationship rescue stone, has a grounding link to the heart chakra. Stimulates compassion and acceptance for one’s partner during times of conflict.
  • Malachite:A stone to stimulate personal growth. Useful in repairing a broken heart and inspiring new love.
  • Black Agate: Grounding and protective, supports the transition of meditative thoughts to physical reality.
  • Amethyst:Linked to the crown chakra, purifies the mind, removing stress and anxiety. Increases work effectiveness.
  • Carnelian: A favourite of performers, boosts confidence and eliminates anxiety. Can be used over the second chakra as a ritual to discover one’s truest path
  • Clear Quartz: The master healer- most frequently used for meditation and alignment. Amplifies and clarifies the user’s spiritual energy.