ing is the most important part of life.
How you feel dictates how you act, how you treat people, how you get things done, how you live your entire life. There are feelings we can’t help, feelings we seek, and feelings we come back to. The older I got the more I learned I could control my feelings. I didn’t have to be a victim to the unwanted ones and could actually create my own lifestyle to encompass the good ones.

When you’re growing up you’re taught what is important and a lot of that is logically spoken not emotionally. So when I moved out on my own it was a big wake up call. There were so many things I had to learn and figure out how to make myself feel good because those things were never just taught. I had no idea that actually cleaning up my whole room wasn’t just a chore but a solution to a stressful day. I had no idea that being organized would allow me to feel good about my accomplishments not just relieved that they were over with. Moving across the country away from my family for my career meant creating a new home for myself. I didn’t have those safe loving feelings to come home to.

I moved into my first apartment alone and made it my goal to have it feel like everything I’d always wanted. I wanted to feel lavish, I wanted to feel comfortable, I wanted to feel mature, I wanted to feel safe, I wanted to feel like I had made it.
It might sound materialistic but I think it’s more than that. My lifestyle allows me to feel my best resulting in living my best life. I get home to a clean apartment curated with good feelings in mind. I don’t feel the need to go out “to the club” or chase after shallow feelings. I have all the best feels right in my own space. It allows me to stay grounded, focused, and happy.

Curating my lifestyle to my feelings has changed my life. I feel strong, confident, happy, and powerful on a daily basis. I feel proud that I made my priorities different than most girls my age. I am excited to be able to make my lifestyle available to everyone in hopes of changing young women’s lives just starting in their home.

Lauren Elizabeth